Pros And Cons of Having Keyless Door Locks

Why Invest In Digital Residential Locks

Locks and keys play an essential role in our life. They protect your home and family from intruders and thieves. In previous days, people used simple locks and carry a set of keys with them every time when they go anywhere. But nowadays, people switch to digital or keyless door locks. These locks sort out the problem of carry a set of keys, lost keys and replacing keys.

Keyless locks are not only made for home doors, in fact, these are also designed for different vehicles and operate with a remote control system. Digital locks come with a lot of advantages, that’s why most of the people give preference to them as compared to pad locks. On the other hand, there are some cons of these locks.

Let’s have a look on some advantages and disadvantages of digital locks.


1. No need of keys

Sometimes people forget to carry keys with them when they are in a rush. Or sometimes they lost their keys in a public place or in the office. Digital locks totally finish this problem. Because these locks do not require keys to operate. Just enter a code and open the main door of your home without the use of a key.

2. Enhance security and safety

Pad locks are easy to break. If you are not available at home and you have a pad lock on the main door, intruders can break it very easily with the use of a hammer or anything else. By having a biometric lock, you are ensured that no one can get the access of your house easily. Digital locks are very hard to break.

3. Ease of installation

If you have a traditional door lock system in your house, it is time to upgrade the security system of your house. As you know traditional locks need drilling on the door, but biometric doors do not require drilling for installation.


1. Keep the lock clean and pin safe

It is highly recommended by professionals that keep your lock clean. Do not operate it with oily or dirty hands to prevent buttons from dark marks. In case of emergency, you need to share a code with your friends or neighbors. Before sharing your code, share a code to person who you trust.

2. Forgetful

After installing a digital lock, you need to set a pin code to unlock the door. In some cases, you might forget the code. If once you forget the code, there is a possibility of you being locked.

3. Power failure

If your door lock is purely run on electricity and the power goes out, you cannot open the main door of your house. But if the lock system run on a battery, you can operate it without electricity.

Here you have all the pros and cons of digital locks. If you want to maximize the security of your premises, you need to consider a strong security system. If you have a habit to forget your keys here and there, digital or keyless lock is a good option for you.