How Making Your Home More Secure

Having peace of mind knowing that your family and your house is secure from thieves and break-ins is priceless. Unfortunately, most of the homeowners are not aware that their house is not as secure and safe as it needs to be. To keep intruders and burglars away and to keep your family and belongings safe, you need to think about the security of your premises.

Every home owner doesn’t want undesirable lurking around the garden or the yard at the midnight or when he is not present at the home. Did you know most of the intruders enter the house through a door? These doors include a garage door, a patio door and a front entry door. Doors are more solid than a window, but nevertheless, burglars choose the door because it gives an easy entry way to them. It happened due to your negligence. A small investment in your house security can protect your home from burglary.

1. Install a deadbolt lock

It is highly recommended to install a deadbolt lock on all of your exterior doors. It is very easy to open your main door by using a credit card. This technique is a very simple. Intruders just place the card between your door and door frame. Just by jiggling the door handle, they easily open the main door. But if you have a deadbolt lock, it is not easy to open as compared to traditional knob lock. Deadbolt locks come with a high security techniques.

2. Re-key your old locks

Whether you move into a new apartment or have had a break-in, it is essential to re-keying your locks to prevent your house from burglary. In case you lost your keys and have doubts that your keys can fall into the wrong hands, re-key your lock system as soon as possible.

3. Lock up your garage

Garage is one of the greatest ways to get easy entry into your house. Thieves used different tools such as screwdrivers, crowbars and spanners to break into your premises. An expert intruders can get into your house within just 20 seconds.

4. Don’t hide your spare keys

Most of the homeowners have one common habit that they hide their spare house keys under the door mat and under the plant pots. They are thinking that burglars cannot find the keys from these places. But you may not know that burglars are well aware that home owners hide their spare keys in these places.

5. Light up the outdoors

If you don’t have a strong security system in your house and not able to install expensive security system, just install outdoor lights with infrared sensors. Sensor lights are easy way and very effective to deterrent to burglars.

These are just a few simple ways to improve the security of your house. There are many other effective things that you can do to enhance the safety and security of your premises. To know about it more, don’t feel hesitate and just make a call to Spruce Grove 24/7 Locksmith.