How To Handle The Rusty Door Locks

Door locks play a significant role in securing you and our assets. As locks are an important part of your home security you must treat them with care. It means you should not ignore if your door lock has been affected by rust. When your security lock gets the rust, you should pay attention to handle it on time, because the rusty door will no longer be able to save you. These can break easily which will turn out to be beneficial for the burglars.

Rust Affected Locks

Rust is oxidation of iron in your metal door. It mostly happens when the iron is exposed to oxygen and moisture. It refers that the metal locks exposure to weather is highly risky to get rust.

  • A rusty lock gets jammed
  • Becomes unable to turn the key
  • Cause key break-in

Luckily, not every door lock get the rust, it mostly happens with the metal locks. Most people use the rust-proof primer to prevent the door getting rust.

How To Open The Rusty Locks

The best method to handle the rusty lock is the use of lubricants. The lubricants you can use following the below tips. In this guidance brushing and cleaning may be difficult for you.

  • In order to scrape the rust, you can use a brush. Rub it gently on the rusted areas of the door.
  • Use some drops of vinegar to put on the rusted areas for the deep cleaning. Allow the vinegar for maximum 20 minutes to dissolve the rust.
  • Clean it using either piece of cotton cloth or sponge and let air dry.
  • Finally, spray the lubricants or rust sealant into the metal lock to keep it in working condition.

A door lock jammed due to rust may be difficult to operate. If you are not able to handle this, then you can get the help of Spruce Grove 24/7 Locksmith. Our licensed and insured locksmith offer fast and reliable services at a reasonable price.