4 Latest Smart Locks To Get Aware Of In 2017

4 Latest Smart Locks To Get Aware Of In 2017

A smart lock is an essential home material that keeps you secure and safe. These locks keep you alert by monitoring who is entering and leaving your home. Rather than going through the simple key system, one can operate these locks by using his/her smartphone. It makes your life easier than before due to its automatic locking system.

If you are looking for replacing your traditional home lock with latest smart lock option, then look for these top 5 smart lock examples:

1.Kwikset SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Electronic Deadbolt

This lock option comes with highest possible security rating which includes extensive features like number pad, alarm, and is programmed into 30 codes. The touchscreen of this smart lock consists a fingerprint resistant that one can connect with smart home hub to control its functionality remotely.

2.Siri Friendly Smart Lock

This compatible lock system will allow you to use Siri to open your door gateway. This smart lock is also programmed with 30 different codes that give you more security as compared with the traditional one. It includes good security rating along with an alarm which makes you aware if someone breaks in.

3.Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

It is just another high-security rating lock option that you can choose for home privacy. By having this lock option, you can program it into 30 codes and rely on flexible fingerprint-resistant. You can control its operation remotely by connecting it with a smart home hub.

4.Master Lock 4401DLH Bluetooth Padlock

Master Lock 4401DLH Bluetooth Padlock comes with several benefits as compared with the
traditional one. One can open this lock via Bluetooth option which is completely easy to access. One has to simply enter the code using up-down-left-right buttons to open its entry.

It is very necessary to decide which lock option you want to purchase for your home. To replace your traditional deadbolt, installing a smart lock will deliver the least amount of work. In order to enjoy a wide range of locksmith services, you can hire our expert locksmiths at Spruce Grove 24/7 Locksmith.