4 Common Issues With Deadbolt Locks : Effective Solutions

The deadbolt lock is a locking system that you can install in your home or office for the security purpose. Among other advanced tech locks, the deadbolt makes your door more resistant to enter without the accurate key. Almost, all deadbolts lock work same while they are distinct in look. Generally, the deadbolts are durable, but your little maintenance can extend their life. However, fixing the common problems with your deadbolt locks is easier and inexpensive.
The common issues with deadbolt locks are:

  • Key Issues
    The first issue you may face with your deadbolt lock is related to its key. After some years, its key may not work properly or worn down. You can easily buy the new key from your local locksmith as it is not expensive.
  • Stick
    Another trouble you may get when your deadbolt lock gets stick due to any reason. It is not a big issue to deal with. You can spray the lubricants deep inside the lock and move the key several times.
  • Fully Extended
    If your deadbolts are not working, make sure to check whether the bolt is extended fully into the mortise under the strike plate. If it is not, then it is not able to save you. A drill is required to deepen the mortise, but it will be better to take it for the repair.
  • Misaligned Frames
    When homes are settled, by mistake the doors and door frames can be misaligned. If a deadbolt lock is not working accurately, detect the alignment of the bolt lock and strike plate. You have to line up the lock and strike plate so that lock can perform easily.To resolve these problems or any other related to security locks, you can contact with Spruce Grove 24/7 Locksmith. Our team of locksmiths is licensed and insured to provide damage-free locksmith services to our clients.